AVESTA - Yb-doped Femtosecond Solid-State Laser TeMa-100

Ytterbium-doped Femtosecond Solid-State Laser TeMa

Average power >6 W *
Short pulse duration <100 fs *
Small footprint *
 Integrated pump source *
 Highly stable *
 Self-starting of femtosecond regime *
External pulse compressor for <15 fs *

- Seed oscillator for amplifiers
- Multi-photon excitation microscopy
- Pump-probe spectroscopy
- Supercontinuum generation
- Generation of terahertz radiation
- Time-resolved spectroscopy
- Optical coherent tomography

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   The TeMa laser based on an Yb-doped crystal radiates at  around 1-um wavelength with high average power, enabling the user to enjoy Ti:S-like power ratings at over-micron wavelengths. This design features integrated pump diode module for greater system stability and turn-key operation. The solid-bulk body of the laser ensures maximum rigidity, while self-starting design provides for easy "plug-and-play" operation.
   Two basic models differ in pulse duration and output average power: the TeMa-100 model features optimized pulse duration, while the TeMa-150 outputs maximum average power. An optional SHG extension provides powerful fs radiation in visible range, and an optional pulse compressor enables 15-fs pulse width generation. 



Wavelength (fixed)

1050+/-5 nm

Pulse duration (FWHM)*

<100 fs

<200 (typical <150 fs)

Output power*

>3.5 W

>6 W

Output power** @ 5252 nm

>1.7 W

>3 W

Pulse energy

>50 nJ

>85 nJ

Repetition rate (fixed)*

70+/-5 MHz

Output power stability***

<1% rms

Spatial mode



>100:1, linear, horizontal

Laser head dimensions

412x190x93 mm

Power supply dimensions

290x200x80 mm

* - custom values available upon request;
** - with optional SHG extension;
*** - measured at equal room conditions over 12 hours after 30 minutes of warm-up