AVESTA - TETA Yb regenerative amplifier

TETA Yb Regenerative Femtosecond Amplifier


Extra-small footprint *
Rigid design *
Compact single-box solution *
More than 1 mJ/pulse *
<260 fs typical pulse duration *
High beam quality *
Excellent beam pointing and power stability *


- Micromachining ( open application pdf)
- Material processing
- THz imaging
- OPA pumping 
- Ultrafast spectroscopy

Ti:Sapphire CW Laser
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    The TETA is an Yb solid-state laser system. The system comprises a built-in fiber seed oscillator, fiber pulse stretcher, Faraday isolator, CPA-based regenerative amplifier with direct diode pumping, additional pulse picker and pulse compressor. All components are integrated into a single thermostabilized box ensuring stability and true turn-key operation. The additional built-in Pockels cell offers instant output radiation shuttering as well as total user control of output repetition rate. Moreover, the cell features precise pulse picking with control over the number of fired pulses (burst mode) and temporal period of radiation. The TETA system may be equipped with a SH and FH generation units, as well as with the Compulse capillary compressor which allows to bring the pulse duration down to 30 fs with >50% energy conversion efficiency.

The TETA laser system is a reliable and flexible radiation source for femtosecond micromachining systems, terahertz imaging, OPA pumping, remote sensing and ultrafast spectroscopy.

Central wavelength (fixed) 10303 nm*
Pulse repetition rate up to 1 MHz (user-adjustable);
up to 200 kHz budget-friendly models available
Max output pulse energy >1 mJ
Max average output power >20 W;
6 W and 10 W models available
Pulse duration <350 fs** (down to typical 260 fs for the 6-W model)
M^2 <1.25 (<1.15 for the 6-W model)
Stability <1% rms
Output polarization linear, vertical
Spatial mode TEMoo
Dimensions of optical head (LxWxH) 500x330x147 mm (460x250x146 for 6-W model)
Dimensions of 19" control rack (LxWxH) 553x600x663 mm
Umbilical length 3 m
Electrical requirements single-phase, 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, <1500-2000 W
Cooling integrated closed-loop water chiller
* - second, third and fourth harmonics are available upon request.
** - down to 30 fs pulse duration is available with an external hollow-fiber pulse compressor upon request.