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Ultra-wideband Light Source
Model: EFOA-UB

Broad spectrum generation *
 Small footprint *
Turn-key operation *
Highly stable *

- Supercontinuum generation
- Telecommunications
- Optical components testing
- Optical coherence tomography
- Fluorescence spectroscopy of biological markers

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Femtosecond Fiber Amplifier EFOA 100
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     This system provides a turnkey, portable source of broadband laser pulses without requiring any user-adjustments to the fiber coupling.
     White light radiation generated by the EFOA-UB is sometimes called “supercontinuum radiation” due to its extensive and continuous character. White light laser generation is widely applied in different fields of science, medicine and industry, such as telecommunications, control of ultra-short light pulses, improvement of metrological measurement accuracy, optical probing of the Earth’s atmosphere. The supercontinuum generator also leads the way to creating the new compact multiplex laser radiation sources for non-linear spectroscopy, microscopy and laser biomedicine.

Spectral coverage, nm 1100-2000
Average output power, mW >150 
Repetition rate, MHz 50-70
Laser head dimensions, mm
Power supply unit dimensions, mm