AVESTA - Femtosecond Multipass Amplifier MATEKO

Femtosecond Multipass Ti:Sapphire Amplifier MATEKO

Single-box design *
<40 fs pulse duration *
>10 mJ per pulse *
 Upgradeable to TW level *

- OPA pumping
- Material studies
- Fundamental research

Ti:S Multipass Amplifier Multus
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The MATEKO femtosecond amplifier is designed to provide mJ-level output by amplifying pulses from a Ti:S or fiber ultrafast seed oscillator. The amplification ratio in such a system is more than 10^6 and happens in a Ti:S crystal during several passes while pumping by a Q-switched 515-532 nm laser. The hybrid system comprises two amplifiers: a regenerative stage and a multipass stage, thus enabling higher pulse energies. A single pump laser is used to pump both stages which reduces the cost of the system and boosts stability and performance. Additional Pockels cell operates as a pulse slicer and allows full control over PRR and increases contrast ratio to 10^4 level at >5 ns.

The MATEKO systems comprise an ultrafast seed oscillator (solid-state TiF-15F3 or fiber EFOA-SH), stretcher, Fraday isolator, Pockels cell, control and synchronization unit, regenerative and multipass amplifiers, pulsed amplifier pump laser, optional pulse slicer and grating compressor unit. All elements are integrated into a single box for better overall stability and have compact optical layout.

Upon request we may offer systems with output pulse energy >500 mJ and TW peak power level. The upgrade may be performed in stages to fit into tighter funding.




Pulse duration*

<40 fs

Central wavelength

80015 nm (fixed)

Repetition rate

1 kHz**

0...10 Hz (variable);
0...15 Hz (variable)

Pulse energy*

>5 mJ

>10 mJ

Beam diameter (1/e2)

10 mm

8 mm


<1.0% rms

<2.5% rms

Contrast ratio at 10 ns

>104:1** / 200:1


Contrast ratio at <10 ns

>103:1 @ 1 ps
>106:1 @ 5 ps
>5x107:1 @ 10-20 ps
>5x107:1 @ ASE



Spatial profile


Output polarization

linear, horizontal

Optical head dimensions

1500x1000x220 mm

1200x900x220 mm

* - upon request: 30...120 fs systems; up to 500 mJ TW systems;
** - an additional pulse slicer may be added to the unit. This improves the contrast ratio and allows the repetition rate to be adjusted from single-shot to the maximum repetition rate of the amplifier.