AVESTA - Spectrometer list
Spectral range, nm 190-1100
Spectral resolution (average), nm    0.05 
Dynamic range 1000:1 
The ASP-75 spectrometer boasts miniature dimensions and flexible spectral settings. Compact size and low weight (300 gr) make the spectrometer suitable for usage in many space-demanding applications and possibility for OEM integration in various devices. The model features a combined free-space/fiber input.
Spectral range, nm 190-1100
Spectral resoluton, nm    up to 0.017
Dynamic range 1000:1
The ASP-150 spectrometer is an ideal choice for a wide variety of different optical applications with its flexible tuning and high resolution. The units feature a combined free-space/fiber input.             
Femtosecond Fiber Laser EFO-150
Available spectral range, nm 500-3450
Spectral resoluton, nm    0.5
Scanning speed, nm/s up to 400
With coverage up to 3450 nm the scanning ASP-IR spectrometers are perfect for measurements in the NIR/IR range and feature free-space and fiber input. Simple and robust scanning scheme enables budget-saving capabilities of these devices. The units feature a combined free-space/fiber input.