AVESTA - Single-shot Autocorrelator ASF-15M; ASF-200

Single-Shot Femtosecond Autocorrelator ASF

CCD detector *
Sensitivity <1 ÁJ *
LabView driver included *

- Single-shot femtosecond pulse duration measurement
- Automation of complex experimental setups


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   The ASF single-shot autocorrelator is designed for monitoring the pulse duration of ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers, as well as for real-time amplifier systems tuning. The CCD camera registers the transverse section of the non-collinear generation of the second harmonic of the input radiation (the SH is generated in a non-linear crystal). PC USB interface and Windows acquisition software provide for smooth and easy data transition and registration, while additional LabView-compatible drivers offer extended flexibility and on-line control in complex multi-stage experimental setups.
   The two basic models offer measurement in ranges of 15 to 200 fs (the compact ASF-15M) and 200 to 2000 fs (ASF-200) with various wavelength ranges possible. Please feel free to enquire about custom pulse durations and wavelength ranges.



Wavelength range, nm

700-1300 or 1300-2000*

Pulse duration range, fs


200 - 2000

Input pulse energy, nJ

>1000 (1-10 Hz)
>1.5 (>100 MHz)

Input repetition rate, Hz

1-10 Hz in single-shot mode
>10 Hz in multiple-shot mode

Input polarization, linear

horizontal (vertical by request)


USB controller

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm



* - other wavelength ranges available on request