AVESTA - Pulse Picker OG8-1; OG12-1

Pulse pickers

Possible wavelengths: 250 - 2100 nm *
Adjustable amplitude up to 12 kV *
HV pulse adjustable delay *
HV pulse duration from 3 to 1250 ns *
High contrast *
Fast rise time <700 ps avaialble *
Low jitter <200 ps *
USB connection and LabView driver *
- Ultrafast oscillator and amplifier pulse selection
- Injection/ejection of pulses in ultrafast amplifier systems
- Pulse slicing for contrast increase
- Q-switching

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   The pulse picker consists of the pockels cell, high voltage driver, synchronization and delay generator. It is suitable for single pulse selection from train of femtosecond or picosecond pulses. Also the device is used for pulse slicing in order to increase contrast. USB connection with LabView-compatible driver provides smooth control over device performance.
   Models OG8-2, OG12-2 incorporate one Pockels cell and produce two high voltage pulses.
   Customer requested high voltage generators up to 50kV are also available.

   Please see full extended specifications in PDF datasheet here  View datasheet pdf.

   Brief specification range:
Possible wavelengths 250-2100 nm
Output voltage up to 12 kV
Output frequency  single-shot...100 kHz
Rise time from 700 ps
Gate open time (HV pulse duration) up to 1250 ns 
Jitter < 200 ps
Input sync signal optical or electric
Input optical pulse train repetition rate up to 150 MHz
Adjustable delay up to 800 us