AVESTA - Compressor list
Spectral range, nm 700-900
Introduced dispersion, fs^2     from -13000 to +7000
Transmission >90% 
The APC prism compressor is used to introduce the necessary negative or positive dispersion value into the femtosecond laser radiation. This may become essential with microscopy experimets where dispersion compensation is a must for best image quality.
Opearating wavelengths, nm    800, 1058 and others
Compression ratio  up to 10
Energy efficiency up to 50%
Compulse compressors are employed for shortening of femtosecond laser pulses. They are based on spectral broadening (chirping) of femtosecond laser pulse in noble gas-filled capillary with subsequent pulse compression by grating or prism compressor.            
Femtosecond Fiber Laser EFO-150