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The PErL Femtosecond OEM Er Fiber Laser

Small footprint and design *
Pulse width from 0.25 to 5 ps (fixed) *
Near transform-limited output *
Minimal pulse pedestal *
Low timing jitter *
RF synchronization output *

- OEM integration
- Telecommunication components characterization
- Optical high speed sampling
- Terahertz radiation
- Optical switching
- Materials characterization
- Optical metrology

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Femtosecond Fiber Laser PErL
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        The smallest but not the least, the PErL laser from Avesta Project is an ultrafast fiber laser operating in C-band (1530-1565 nm). The rigid design of the laser ensures insensitivity to physical and vibration impact, high stability, repeatability of initial specs that is in high demand with OEM applications.
   Pulse duration can be ordered in the range of 250 fs - 5 ps, pulse shape being close to transform-limited. The PErL laser with average power rating up to 50 mW is a nice budget-friendly solution for low-power applications, such as amplifier systems seeding. High frequency electrical output of the laser can be used as a trigger for synchronization systems. The laser can act as a stand-alone pulse source, as well as operate in complex systems.
   The only thing needed for OEM operation is a power source with +5V (the power adapter for standard 220/110V network is supplied with the laser).

Available pulse duration (fixed), fs 250-5000
Wavelength (fixed), nm 156010
Average output power, mW >50
Repetition rate (fixed), MHz 605
Output type FC/APC fiber socket
Polarization extinction ratio, dB not applicable
RF sync out SMA connector (200-300 mV@50 ohm load)
Dimensions, mm 136 x 76 x 24 (27)
Power supply +5 V