AVESTA - Femtosecond kit TiF-Kit-20; TiF-Kit-50; CrF-Kit-65

Femtosecond laser kits TiF-Kit

Educational budget-friendly solutions *
Flexible layouts and optional accessories *
Output power up to 1.5 W *

TiF-Kit-20 with open enclosure
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The TiF-Kit is a set of optical and mechanical components that contains all important elements of a femtosecond solid-state laser for customer-specified configuration. The kit features a simpler semi-unfolded scheme than that of the TiF laser series, however, we can supply various custom configurations upon request. The system is pumped by a suitable commercial DPSS 532 nm pump laser. The output power of the system depends on the pump laser power.

The basic system consists of:
- rigid optomechanical elements
- dielectric ultrafast cavity mirrors
- pump beam steering and focusing optics
- Ti:S crystal with adjustable mount and cooling circulation outlets
- manual prisms and tuning slit
- manual starter for mode-locking initiation

The system may be further equipped with optional components like:
- enclosure
- main breadboard with pump laser area
- thermostabilized breadboard
- pump laser cooling adapter
- USB tuning slit w. software
- Automatic starter w. pulse train output
- CW tuning with manual or motorized BRF
- CW etalons

TiF-Kit-15 TiF-Kit-50 TiF-Kit-100 CrF-Kit 65
Pulse width

<15-30* fs

<50 fs

<100 fs

<65 fs

Tuning range**

780-840 nm

740-950 nm

715-980 nm

1240-1270 nm

Output power**

200-500 mW

100 mW - 1 W

100 mW - 1.5 W

100-250 mW

Max. pump power

3-6 W

2-10 W

2-10 W

10-15 W


linear, horizontal

Spatial mode


Repetition rate

70-95 MHz (fixed)

*- with external group velocity dispersion compensation
** - depends on pump power and operating temperature (e.g. 715-980 nm range is possible with 10 W of pump power)