AVESTA - Femtosecond Fiber Laser EFOA-SH
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Femtosecond Fiber Laser
Model: EFOA-SH

780 nm wavelength *
3 nJ pulse energy *
Small footprint *
Turn-key operation *
Highly stable *

- Amplifier systems seeding
- Terahertz generation and detection
- Multi-photon microscopy
- Ultrafast spectroscopy
- Semiconductor device characterization
- Supercontinuum generation
- Optical coherence tomography
- Telecommunications

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    Second harmonic of Er-doped fiber laser operates at wavelength of 780nm and in a number of applications can replace the powerful yet less reliable solid-state Ti:S lasers. Easy to use design, turn-key operation, small footprint greatly facilitate any research in which the laser is involved. Lack of laser experience is not a problem with the fiber lasers, only general electronics and light physics knowledge is required to work with the unit.  
    EFOA-SH is also a perfect source for amplifier system seeding due to one-box compact design and lack of expensive pump laser as in case of Ti:S solid-state seed. 

Pulse Width (FWHM), fs <120*
Wavelength, nm 78010
Average output power, mW >100 or >200 (-HP version)
Repetition rate, MHz 70**
Spectral width, nm ~7.5


Power output (switchable apertures***):
>100 mW, 780 nm, TEM00, linearly polarized
>200 mW (-HP version)
>200 mW, 1560 nm, TEM00, linearly polarized
>440 mW (-HP version)

Service optical output:
1560 nm, FC/APC (~1 mW)
RF SYNC Out: SMA connector
Mode Lock Status: SMA connector (3.5/0V) and Led
Operating temperature, C 225
Warm up time for rated accuracy, min 20
Electrical data 110...220 VAC, 50/60Hz
Laser head, mm 270x270x122.5
Control unit, mm 230x200x130
Crystal oven control unit, mm 160x200x75
* - <80fs pulse durations available upon request
** - please indicate the necessary value when placing an order (from 25 to 80MHz).
*** - simultaneous dual output is also possible upon request with >80 mW@1560 nm and >80 mW@780 nm.