AVESTA - Cross-correlator COMET
Cross-correlator COMET
High dynamic range *
High temporal range *
High sensitive photodetector *
USB-controlled *

- Solid target experiments
- Measuring of ASE level
- Time-resolved experiments
- Pulse duration and shape control
- Alignment of high power laser systems


Cross-correlator COMET
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The new third order cross-correlator has been specifically developed for measuring a wide array of output parameters from ultrafast laser systems including: contrast ratio of laser pulses, determining pulse pedestal, pre- and post-pulses, and amplified spontaneous emission in femtosecond systems. It also provides information about the third-order cross-correlation function of pulse intensity on a femtosecond scale and can be used for alignment of high power femtosecond lasers.

The cross-correlator includes an opto-mechanical assembly and electronics with USB interface. The system is easy to operate and includes a full set of user friendly software tools for data collection and analysis.

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Wavelength, nm 700-1500*
Dynamic range >1010
Temporal range, ps 870
Input radiation energy (pulse 40-50 fs), J 50-100
Pulse duration, fs >20
Repetition rate, kHz <10
Input polarization, linear horizontal
Resolution 100 fs
Power supply 220 V, 50/60 Hz 10%
Dimensions, mm

Optical unit
690 x 345 x 210
Control unit
250 x 180 x 90

* - depends on customer's request