AVESTA - Femtosecond Lasers CrF

Cr:Forsterite Femtosecond Laser

Wavelength range: 1230-1270 nm *
Short pulse duration down to <35 fs *
Pulse energy >20 nJ at 30 MHz *
Output power up to 800 mW *
Integrated pump source option *
SESAM or electromagnetic starter *

- Seed oscillator for amplifiers
- Multi-photon excitation microscopy
- Pump-probe spectroscopy
- Generation of terahertz radiation
- Time-resolved spectroscopy
- Optical coherent tomography
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Cr:Forsterite Femtosecond Laser
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The CrF chromium-forsterite laser offers a unique active medium that radiates femtosecond pulses around 1250 nm. The laser features an integrated Peltier TC with control unit for crystal cooling to lower temperatures for higher average power and precise temperature control. Three models of the laser feature SESAM self-starting with a fixed wavelength operation and one model features an electromagnetic starter and offers wavelength tunability.

The CrF includes a built-in 15-W fiber pump laser and control unit. The 1250 nm region offers new horizons for microscopy or brain tissue studies where fs pulses conquer new heights each year. CW version of the CrF is available separately as the LF-100 laser.

The CrF laser can also be used as a seed oscillator for building high power Cr:F amplifiers also offered by our company.




Pulse duration

<65* fs

<75 fs

<140 fs

Wavelength range, nm




Average output power
(at peak wavelength)

>450** mW

>400 mW

>700 mW

>560 mW

Pulse energy

>4 nJ

>4 nJ

>7 nJ

>20 nJ

Built-in fiber laser power

15 W

Repetition rate (typical)

96 MHz

95 MHz

30+/-2 MHz (fixed)

Starting of femtosecond operation

electric starter

self-starting (SESAM)

Output stability

<2% rms

<5% rms

Spatial mode



linear, horizontal


<2 mrad

Crystal cooling

thermoelectric + closed-loop water chiller

* - down to 35 fs possible upon request;
** - up to 800 mW is possible upon request.