AVESTA - Optical attenuators
OAGP/OAFP Optical Attenuators
OAFP model optimized for <50 fs pulses *
Smooth power attenuation *
Simple adjustment and operation *
USB-motorized option *

- Controlled variable laser beam attenuation


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The optical attenuators OAFP-S (OAFP-M), OAGP-S (OAGP-M) are designed to attenuate laser radiation with more than 1:10^3 ratio. The OAFP model comprises a thin zero-order half-wave phaseplate and two mirror polarizers that select the input pulse according to polarization.  This model has been specially developed for pulsed femtosecond radiation (<50 fs) as it introduces as little dispersion to the pulse as possible. For longer pulse durations we offer the OAGP model, which has better transmission ratio as a Glan prism is used to simplify the scheme.

The attenuator comes in manual (-M) or motorized (-S) modification with USB interface and controller.

Dynamic attenuation range



Wavelength* 250-1500 nm
Bandwidth**, % to central wavelength   2-5% 10-15%
Required input pulse duration <50 fs

>50 fs

Transmission >70%


Clear aperture <10 mm

<12 mm

Angular rotation accuracy 0.03 deg.
* - please specify with order;
** - depends on central wavelength.