AVESTA - TiS Femtosecond Laser TiF

Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond Lasers TiF and TiF-M

Tuning range 710-970 nm *
Pulse duration <20 fs *
Small footprint *
Output power up to 1,5 W *
Optional thermostabilized main breadboard *
 Motorized USB wavelength tuning *
Electromagnetic starter *

- Multiphoton microscopy
- Seed oscillator for amplifier systems
- Terahertz generation
- Nonlinear microscopy
- "Pump-probe" spectroscopy
- Material processing
- Optical coherent tomography
- Two photon absorption structuring
- Material deposition
View drawings of TiF-50 (TiF-100)
View drawings of TiF-50M (TiF-100M) 

View TiF-50/100 and TiF-50M/100M tuning curves 
View TiF-20 tuning curve

View autocorrelation trace at 50 fs
View typical spectrum of TiF-50/TiF-50M

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Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond Lasers
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   The TiF laser series, being one of our first products, has been upgraded over the years to match the increasing demand for stability and hands-free operation from scientists all over the world. The laser comprises a selected Ti:Sapphire crystal, compact or long resonator design, electronic control of emitted wavelength (by controlling both wavelength tuning slit and one of the prisms), electronic starter unit for easy maintenance of fs regime, and an additional mirror set if broad wavelength tuning is required (see tuning curves for the laser).
   The two main models are TiF and TiF-M, the only difference being the size of the unit. The traditional TiF variant is more suitable when there is no strict space requirement and some upgrades and customization of the laser are planned after the purchase. We also recommend this version for education purposes. The new TiF-M unit has compact design and yet provides stable generation. Please see the drawings (TiF-100, TiF-100M) for exact dimensions.
   The laser is shipped fully aligned and tested for the desired specification and at normal transportation conditions the laser can be aligned by the customer following the steps described and illustrated in the laser manual. Once the laser has been aligned, little to no day-to-day maintenance is required. The amount of maintenance greatly depends on room temperature stability over time. To improve stability in poor room conditions we offer a thermostabilized main breadboard option for the TiF-M model.
   As for the cooling issue, the crystal can be cooled by moderate tap water flow or no cooling at all may be necessary with 3W pump. However, we strongly recommend using a chiller for greater stability, especially with the thermostabilized main breadboard.   

- Customer-specified design of the resonator is possible.
- Integration with the pump laser (i.e. Laser Quantum - Opus 3W, Finesse 4W, 5W, 6W or 7W) in one case on one breadboard is also possible (please see our TiF-50F models).

TiF-20 TiF-50/TiF-50M TiF-100/TiF-100M
Pulse duration, fs <20*** <50 <100
Tuning range, nm 780-840
(view curve)
(view curve)
(view curve)
Output power at 800 nm, mW 150-250* 300-900* 300-1500*
Pump power, W 3-5 3-7 3-10
Repetition rate, MHz 80 (75 to 125 MHz available upon request)
Output stability, typical <1% rms (view graph)
Beam quality TEMoo
Polarization, linear horizontal
Beam divergence, mrad <2
Electronic starter yes
USB wavelength tuning yes
Water-cooled thermostabilized
optional optional optional
Dimensions, mm 1000x360x200 1000x360x200/
* - depends on pump power. Please see tuning curves for exact values. Two mirror sets (included in the package) are required to cover the whole tuning range.
** - at pump power >5W.
*** - with external group velocity dispersion compensation.