AVESTA - Femtosecond laser systems, optical components and measuring equipment
News: Laser World of Photonics 2017 in Munich (booth B2.151)                                  

Avesta is participating in the "LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017" (Munich, Germany, 26-29 June 2017) trade show. Feel free to drop by our booth B2.151 to see the TeMa Yb laser system along with the AA-20 autocorrelator and GECON supercontinuum generator. The trade show participation is supported by the Russian Export Center and organized by Expocenter and Russian Laser Association.

News: The Tricolor Multi-Wavelength Laser System                                                      

Avesta has introduced the Tricolor, which is a novel multi-channel femtosecond laser source providing three inherently synchronized ultrafast outputs at 1050, 800 and 525 nm simultaneously. Time-resolved experiments have just become much simpler. Further details are provided here at the product's page.

News: 150-ps response time for a THz detector measured with TERA-AX                    

Our partners at "Terasense" have used our TERA-AX high-energy THz pulsed generator to precisely measure the ultrafast response time of their proprietary passive THz detector. Such short response time opens up the possibility to observe and resolve ultrafast transient processes in many THz applications. Click here for more details about the experiment, information about the TERA-AX may be found here.

News: ASP-IR spectrometer family updated, range up to 3.5 um                                 

Our engineers have recently updated the specifications of the ASP-IR family of our scanning spectrometers, introducing the new ASP-IR-3.5 model, which is capable of spectral measurement up to 3450 nm. Further details may be found here.

News: 10-TW commercial system released                                                                   

We are proud to release our commercial Ti:S femtosecond system with the pulse peak power over 10 TW (pulse energy 500 mJ at <50 fs). The AVET-10 system is designed to fulfill the demand for research in particle acceleration, x-ray and attosecond pulse generation, plasma and fusion studies and many other areas. Please visit the product's page here.

News: FREGAT-200 Cr:F amplifier installed in Kyoto University                                    

Avesta and Tokyo Instruments have successfully installed its Cr:Forsterite amplifier system in Kyoto University along with Avesta's ASF single-shot autocorrelator. The amplifier delivers >200 uJ pulses @1KHz @1238 nm. You can find out more details and view test data on the FREGAT description page.

Featured Article: Farewell to contrast!                                                                          

Two is a company; three is a crowd! And the third pulse that appears on exit is strangely in front!
    It is time to purchase the new COMET contrast measurement system to see how a weak post-pulse hiding behind the main powerful pulse gives birth to a third pulse in front of the main one.

    You donít believe us, do you? Then read our article here.    

 ABOUT US:                                                                                                                       

Avesta Ltd. is a research and development company producing femtosecond laser equipment in the field of ultrafast spectroscopy. We also have vast experience in designing and producing customer-specified femtosecond laser systems and measuring equipment.

Femtosecond lasers are suitable for various scientific applications:

* Diagnostics & imaging in biology and medicine
* Multi-photon spectroscopy
* Optical-computed tomography
* Terahertz imaging
* and more...

The development of the ultrafast lasers in recent years has made them an indispensable tool in ultra-precise micromachining and various medical applications, such as ophthalmology or neurosurgery.

Our product list comprises various femtosecond solid-state lasers:

* Femtosecond fiber lasers
* Femtosecond laser kits
* Ti:Sapphire and Cr:Forsterite lasers with various options
* Regenerative and multi-pass amplifiers
* Complete multi-terawatt level laser systems. 

Flexible pricing allows you to choose optional equipment for your laser system, that is USB-controlled tuning slit, electronic starter etc.

Avesta also offers a complete range of diagnostic tools and components for femtosecond research:

* Cross-correlators
* Spectrometers
* Scanning autocorrelators 
* Single-shot autocorrelators
* Optical choppers 
* Pulse pickers
* Faraday isolators and rotators

These tools are suitable for any kind of femtosecond research and assist in improvement of the scientific output of your system.